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Caring is Good Business
Using Tech to Facilitate High-touch Employee Engagement

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Utilize technology to support the caring processes.

  • Demonstrate Knowing your employees through proactive and ongoing communication. Conduct more meaningful check-ins by sending a pre-meeting survey making your in-person conversation more employee centered and going deeper into what matters most to them.
  • Display Being With by identifying employees at risk for burnout and turnover. “Top recommendations” in Laudio help leaders recognize potential problem areas and prioritize actions that will best support their needs.
  • Convey Doing For by showing employees they can count on you to follow up on important issues outside their control.  Assign tasks, set priority levels, and reminders for yourself or other managers ensuring follow-up isn’t missed.
  • Demonstrate Enabling by supporting employees’ professional goals. Send professional development questionnaires to employees and auto-populate their personal profiles making it easy to track and follow up on their interests.
  • Demonstrate Maintaining Belief through intentional appreciation and recognition for accomplishments and the unique value an employee brings to the organization.

All registrants will receive a copy of Joel and Deb’s most recent Whitepaper:  Caring is Good Business - Applying Swanson Caring Theory to the Employee Experience

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Whitepaper: Caring is Good Business

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“You need to invest in the emotional and physiological health of your patients and your staff."